Free Roulette Online Games

Roulette is an online casino game that is adored by high-rollers, low-stake players, seasoned punters, and newbies in equal measures. The excitement of watching the black and red roulette wheel spinning captures the minds of avid players from around the world. But what if you could play roulette for free?

Playing free roulette online is the same as playing the real money slots versions, only that you will be playing with free virtual currency, not real money. Our experts recommend that beginners start with free roulette games to master the gameplay and then punt with real money.

In the table below, our experts have put together a list of the best free online roulette games of 2019. Just click on any of the games, pick a number, and have fun as you watch the ball land on your number.


Variations of Free Roulette Games

The variations of free online roulette have very small differences in their layout and basic rules, but the house advantage on each variation is significantly different. It is, therefore, very important that you understand all the variations of free roulette games before you pick one to play for real money.

Classic Variations

There are three classic variations of free roulette that you will find online today:

  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette

European and French roulette are quite similar. The only differences being the table layout and that French roulette comes with an additional rule that allows you to get half of your bet back if the ball lands on zero.

American roulette is often called double-zero roulette thanks to the two zeros which are not present in the other two types. This might seem like a superficial difference, but it raises the house edge. If you find high-risk play exciting, you’ll love it.

Modern Variations

While classic variations are found at land-based and online casinos, the modern variations are exclusively found online. Modern versions of online roulette come with different layouts, wagering options, graphical appearance and settings compared to classic free roulette.

There are dozens of modern free roulette games online including Mini Roulette, Video Roulette, Monopoly Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Pinball Roulette, Immersive Roulette and others. Some of the modern roulette games offer progressive jackpots in addition to having different options and rules.

Live Dealer vs RNG Roulette

Most free roulette online today is decided by random number generators (RNGs) which provide the result of the spin. RNG roulette has a virtual interface that allows you to customise your gameplay to enjoy a low or high-speed when playing.

Live dealer roulette games are hosted by real dealers. You can interact with the dealers through live chat and video streaming.

How to Play Free Roulette Games Online

The aim of playing free roulette games is to get an idea of how to play online roulette for real money. The free version helps you master the gameplay and the likely strategies you can apply to accurately predict where the ball will land when it stops spinning.


Up to £250


Up to £100


Up to 500 Wish Spins

Register at an Online Casino and Log In

Choose a casino that offers free roulette games and doesn’t require a deposit. Create an account and login in. Note that there are online casinos that don’t require you to register to play the free version of roulette.

Start the Game by Clicking on “Free Version” or “Try It”

Some casinos offer demo roulette, which is a free version of the game. The game launches when you click on that button.

Press the “Play” Button

Now, click play to get into the world of online free roulette games. When the game has loaded, choose the amount you want to wager and place it (you will be using free coins).

Spin the Roulette Wheel

The last step is to spin the free roulette wheel and wait for the outcome.

Free Roulette Bet Types

In free roulette games, punters wager on single numbers or on groups of numbers. There are different betting options that you can take advantage of to affect your odds of winning.

Inside Bets

Inside wagers have the lowest odds of winning but the highest payouts. These bets are placed on the layout inside the numbered grid. Some common examples of inside bets are:

  • Straight Wager: a single-number wager that pays out 35 to 1.
  • Split Wager: a two-number wager that pays out 17 to 1.
  • Street Wager: a three-number wager that pays out 11 to 1.
  • Corner Wager: a four-number wager that pays out 8 to 1.
  • Six Line Wager: a six-number wager that pays out 5 to 1.

Outside Bets

Outside wagers have the highest odds of winning but low payouts. Since they are the opposite of inside bets, they are placed outside the grid. Outside wagers include the following:

  • Dozen Wager: a 12-number wager that pays out 2 to 1.
  • Snake Wager: a 12-number wager which snakes across the grid.
  • Column Wager: a 12-number wager placed on one of the three columns of the single number grid.
  • Even Wager: choose even or odd, high or low, or red or black.
  • The Same Number Wins Twice Wager: Punters make two or more bets which pay out on a specific wager if they get the winning combination. For example, you can wager on number 7 and also place a column wager on the first column that includes the number 7.

Announced Bets in Free Online Roulette Games

These are special wagering combinations that are common in French roulette and sometimes in online European roulette. Announced bets come with their unique French names since they are mainly found on free French roulette. They include the following:

  • Voisins du Zéro (Neighbours of Zero) Wager: It covers the zero as well as the 7 numbers on every side of the zero (22 to 25).
  • Le Tiers Du Cylindre (One-Third of the Wheel) Wager: It covers numbers 27 to 33.
  • Ophelins Wager: It covers what the other two bets don’t cover, which are number 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, and 34.
  • Jeu Zéro Wager: This wager covers the 3 neighbours of the zero on every side of the wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at a few questions and answers that will help you better understand the free online games of roulette.

Where Can I Play Free Roulette Games Online?

In fact, the vast majority of online casinos will allow you to play the free version of online roulette. It is the norm, rather than the exception. They let you try out the game for play money, which is great for you to explore all the nuances of roulette and decide if it is the type of game you wish to play for real money.

Can I Play Free Online Roulette on My Mobile Device?

At many sites, yes, you can. Nevertheless, you need to be aware that roulette is one of the hardest casino games for developers to optimize for a mobile device, particularly for smartphones. The small screen needs to display the wheel and the roulette board. So, at times, the gameplay is not exactly easy and smooth.

Still, many mobile casinos have managed to make the best use of the small screen and offer top-notch free online roulette options for mobile.

What Are the Advantages of Playing Free Online Roulette?

We could name a few. Here are some advantages:

  • You get to play whenever and wherever you want.
  • You are not bound to any online casino and can switch immediately.
  • There is no need to travel, which contributes to a more efficient use of your time.
  • You can enjoy a larger degree of privacy, as you are playing from your own home and on trustworthy sites.

How Old Does One Have to Be to Play Free Roulette Online Games?

The answer depends on your location and the rules of the online casino you chose to play free roulette in. However, in most cases, the minimum age is 18. At some sites, it is 21.